If you are visiting the UK you may not be aware of the products or services which have an age restriction.

Christmas Crackers 12 Years
Liqueur chocolates 16 Years
Skin piercing * 16 Years
Pets 16 Years
Lottery Tickets 16 Years
Petrol, purchasing and dispensing 16 Years
Scratch Cards, instant win cards 16 Years
Party Poppers, caps & other low noise fireworks ** 16 Years
Aerosol paint containers 16 Years
Gambling 18 Years
Air Guns, pellets & ammunition 18 Years
Alcohol 18 Years
Adult Magazines 18 Years
Fireworks & Sparklers outdoor use 18 Years
Solvents & volatile substances *** 18 Years
Tattooing 18 Years
Butane gas cigarette lighter refills 18 Years
Cigarettes and Tobacco **** 18 Years
E-Cigarettes, E-liquid, Nicotine Inhaling Products 18 Years
Knives and blades including razor blades 18 Years
Axes & Crossbows 18 Years
Imitation weapons 18 Years
Sale, hire and use of sunbeds 18 Years
Be on the premises of a licensed Betting Shop 18 Years
DVDs and video recordings 12,15 & 18 Years
Video games, computer games 12,15 & 18 Years
Cinema 12,15 & 18 Years

* Without presence & written consent of parent/guardian
** Including cracker snaps, novelty matches, party poppers, serpents and throw downs
*** Offence to supply/offer to supply to under 18s occurs ONLY if the person knows or believes it is to be used for intoxification
**** Any product consisting wholly or partly of tobacco and intended to be smoked, sniffed, sucked or chewed and cigarette papers

Licensing laws for the sale of alcohol are strict. 18 years is the legal age at which you may purchase alcohol, but, if you appear to look under 25 then you may be asked to prove your age.

If you are visiting the UK for an extended stay you can apply for a VALIDATE UK card; please contact us and we will advise you of the procedure.

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