VALIDATE UK is the longest established national proof of age card scheme in the UK.

PASS accredited for 10 years, VALIDATE UK has been involved with the PASS scheme from the initial planning stage i.e. since 2001. Following our recent bi-annual audit conducted by the Institute of Trading Standards, the following is what the auditors said about our verification of age and identity of applicants; this is a direct quote from the audit report:

"The scheme is very strong on verification of the data supplied by applicants and verifiers and this process was felt to be robust. Two forms of copy documentation were requested as against the one specified in the PASS criteria. The auditee felt that having 2 forms gave greater certainty and evidence was produced of rejected applications where one piece of evidence contradicted the other"

We go over and above what PASS require in the audit standard.

SIA said "SIA licensed door supervisors have a difficult job to do, often in a challenging environment. The PASS proof of age card has helped door staff carry out their duties in a responsible and effective way, and the new card design is a massive step forward in making PASS cards easy for door staff to recognise and accept."

We can supply:

  • Application forms
  • Specimen cards
  • 18+ Alcohol sales posters with a message about proxy sales including Challenge 25 logos
  • 18+ Knives, blades & imitation weapons posters
  • 18+ Fireworks posters
  • 16+ Sale of pets posters
  • Generic posters

Please email us if you would like any of the above, or call the office on 01434 634996.

You can download these PDF documents:

5 Step Guide to checking a VALIDATE UK PASS Card

Age Restricted Goods & Services

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